Catch Surf Beater Boards Reviews

Catch Surf has specialized in creating soft foam surfboards and surf-inspired clothing since 2007. The company is based in Laguna Beach, California and was founded on one simple concept: grab a board and go surfing. Catch Surf has embraced their philosophy and now creates uniquely versatile designs that perform in almost any surf condition, all at a reasonable price point. Catch Surf has 3 main models in its line of foam surfboards, they are: the Beater and Odysea surfboards, and the Womper which is used of for bodysurfing.

Whether you're a seasoned or beginner surfer, Catch Surf has you covered with sturdy soft-top foam surfboards that can take a beating. In fact, Catch Surf's first surfboard produced is are actually The Beater. It has a water-resistant cores, dual wood stringers that runs verticle in the foam that give the board extra support, and high-density bottoms which make these boards stiff, durable and fun to surf. If fun is your surfing goal, Catch Surf is a good place to start. Here are a few reviews of The Beater models.

Original 48 Twin Fin Surfboard Review

This strong, lightweight and water-resistant, multi-purpose board is fully customizable for boardsport fans of all ages. It has 3.5-inch keel fins, which can be removed. Maximum performance and maneuverability come from the tapered D-rails and a twin-channel crescent tail. The maple and plywood stringer and high-density bottom construction make it one of the toughest boards on the beach. It even hasa pop-through leash at the tail to ensure the board stays with the surfer.The soft top and four-foot length make the original 48 twin fin a great beginner board for young kids or smaller adults. The two-fin design allows beginners to learn to maneuver in small waves before moving on to the big swells. It works equally well as a bodyboard or kneeboard. The Original 48 Twin Fin typically retails for $189.99, but is on sale for $149.99 on Amazon.

Original 54 Single Fin Surfboard Review

The Original 54 single fin board offers all of the same benefits as the 48 twin fin in a longer length and with one less fin. The Beater PRO Model keel fin has a 4.5-inch rake. Designed with high performance, impact resistance and a slick skin, this board will have surfers riding the waves or skimming across the sand in style. This board is fully customizable with its pop-through leash, removable fin and variety of color choices.

At 54 inches in length, this is the perfect board for beginning or experienced teens and adults. The single fin, typical seen on a longboard, offers stability and control as surfers increase their surfing skills. Experienced surfers will also find this board fun to play around on. The Original 54 Single Fin sells for $189.99, but is on sale at Amazon for 174.99

Original 54 Pro X Jamie O'Brien (JOB) Review

The Original 54 Pro X Jamie O'Brien, or JOB, is designed by professional surfer Jamie O'Brien. This lightweight,water-resistant and durable board features custom graphics and an impact-resistant HDPE slick skin. Four-inch Beater PRO model twin keel fins make up this high-performance fin system. Tapered D-rails and a twin-channel crescent tail give excellent performance for fast finless surfing. The Original 54 Pro X Jamie O'Brien even includes pop-through leash plug at the tail.

Perfect for teens or adults, the Original 54 Pro X lets you take your surf game to the next level. You'll be charging and carving with the best of them. The Original 54 Pro X Jamie O'Brien sells for $249.99

Catch the Ultimate Wave With Catch Surf Review

Since Catch Surf boards are designed with removable fins, you may be wondering when to use or remove them. For use as a surfboard, attaching the twin fins is the way to go. For a day of leisure surfing without fancy moves and tricks, a single fin does the trick. One fin is also good for beginners, as it provides stability and control.

Catch Surf beater boards are available in a wide range of bold patterns, graphic prints, pastel shades and fluorescent hues to perfectly match your mood or personality. Surfers of all ages find these colorful and high-performance boards make a great first surfboard, extra board or bodyboard or kneeboard. Grab your Catch Surf beater board and embrace the waves, dude.