Softech Softboard Surfboards Review

If you're a grom or new surfer and are looking for the best board to take to the waves, Softech surfboards are a great choice for you! Softech makes a variety of softboards that feature a high level of buoyancy, making them ideal for kids and new surfers. Softboards are easier to stand on than other boards, even if it's your first time catching a wave. Even the fins on these boards are soft, which minimizes any possible injuries you might experience. Softboards also helps new surfers, who may be self-conscious, build confidence. But this style of surfboard is not only appreciated by beginners, they're also prized by experienced surfers who want a break from riding longboards.

Bomber White

The Bomber White measures a petite 5 feet, 10 inches long, and it has a tapered tail and a front longboard line. The short length of the board makes it easy to turn, which is helpful if you are surfing on a crowded beach. This length of board is also ideal for new surfers who may not be ready for the buoyancy of a long surfboard. It is made of 100 percent waterproof X-Density EPS foam for the core, and it has three removable fins. You can take the fins off and slip them onto other boards, without using any tools. The entire board has a volume of 45 liters.The Bomber White retails for $429.95.

Rocket Fish Performance Softboard

The Rocket Fish Performance Softboard is made of a 100 percent waterproof X-Density EPS foam core, and it has one stringer and a twin fin setup. Measuring 4 feet, 8 inches long, it has a wide body that is made for smoothly gliding over the big, flat sections of the waves. It displaces a lot of water, allowing you to enjoy the bulkiest of waves on the water. The Rocket Fish has a fish shape, which is where it gets its name.. You can swap out the fins if you like, without the need for any tools. . In total, this board has a volume of 36 liters.The Rocket Fish Performance Softboard retails for $329.95 and up.

Torpedo Softboard

With the Torpedo Softboard, you'll be able to move through the waves easily and quickly. . This surfboard features a short and full outline, double stringer and three-fin setup. All the boards fins are removable so, you can take out the fins and swap them with different sizes or types, without the use of any tools. This board is also made from 100 percent waterproof X-Density EPS for the foam core. It measures 5 feet, 4 inches long and has a fun board shape.

The boxy shape makes it easy to do quick turns with a small radius. In fact, the Torpedo Softboard paddles like a longboard while offering the stability and control of a shortboard. This size is ideal for both beginner surfers who are still learning and experienced surfers who want to have a little fun between serious rides. Progressing surfers who need a lot of volume will appreciate the 42 liters that the Torpedo provides.The Torpedo Softboard has a retail price starting at $379.95.

Who is a Softboard For?

Models like the Torpedo, Rocket Fish and Bomber White are ideal for new surfers. The small softboards will help you to build your confidence and skills while lessening your risk of injury. They are also great for indoor or outdoor surf lessons, as your learning to ride the waves. Even kids ages 8 and younger can benefit from softboards. The boards are easy for youngsters to handle, and the buoyancy makes the boards easier for children to stand up on. If you're a pro, you can also have lots of fun on one of these lightweight softboards.

Each of these softboards has fun and unique features that are designed to enhance your comfort, confidence and control on the waves. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned surfer, these softboards make all your time on the water fun. Enjoy your next ride on the waves and build your skills with any one of these Softech surfboards.