Surf Ponchos and Changing Towels Reviews

A wise man once said, "A day of surfing is its own reward." But that wise man never said anything about riding home in a wet bathing suit, sitting on a drenched towel, it's no surprise that you can start to feel itchy. With a quality surf poncho, you can change into dry clothes the moment you step out of the water and spare yourself a wet ride home.

Who is a Surf Poncho For?

If you like to swim, surf, sail, or just get wet and sandy, a surfing poncho is ideal for you! Even if you don't like the water, these ponchos are perfect for outdoor events like concerts, festivals, and camping. No matter the weather, these ponchos will keep you dry and comfortable.

Whether you're looking to add a bit of style at the beach or just some warmth and comfort for the ride home, the right poncho can make all the difference.

If you're looking for a great changing poncho, you may want to consider these options:

The Ho Stevie! Thick Microfiber Surf Poncho

With a super-simple design, the Ho Stevie! is an ideal poncho for surfers who want to bag it and forget it. But don't let the simple design fool you; this poncho is durable enough to stand up to sand and salt water for years. The poncho features a cinch-up bag design that acts like a bucket, keeping the wet stuff in and the dry stuff out.

The Ho Stevie! Ponch comes in black and blue colors and retails for $44.97.

The FCS Chamois Poncho

This poncho is truly unique because it is made of chamois. Chamois is a type of leather that absorbs water off of almost everything. The beauty of this poncho is that you can simply throw it on, and change into or out of your suit. While you're changing out of your wet bathing suit, the chamois dries your body, without any effort.

This surf poncho also comes with a secret pocket to store your phone, wallet, or anything else you want to keep dry and sand-free. The FCS Chamois Poncho comes in a one-size-fits-all, gray color and retails for $54.98.

The Dorsal Changing Poncho

The Dorsal Changing Poncho all about comfort. This poncho is made from a versatile material that is warm and dry, and also light and breathable.

Thanks to its extra-long design, even the tallest surfers can change comfortably on the beach while the microfiber material soaks up extra water. And because it is machine-washable, you can just take it home and toss it in the machine! The Dorsal Changing Poncho sells for $29.95.

The O'Neill Hooded Poncho

At first glance, The O'Neil Hooded poncho looks like a cotton robe with a hood, but upon further inspection, you'll find it's the ideal poncho for virtually any conditions. The short sleeves and breathable material make changing on a hot summer days easy.

When the clouds come out and the wind picks up, you can throw up the hood and stick your arms in the front-side kangaroo pouch to keep warm. This poncho also features a quick-dry fabric that keeps your suit and poncho from getting stinky.The O'Neill Hooded Poncho retails for $51.99.

The Rip Curl Hooded Towel

Made of a quick-drying velour fabric that is breathable and super comfy, the Rip Curl Hooded Towel features the Rip Curl Logo across the chest. Beneath that logo is a hidden internal pouch to help you keep warm on those cold days on the beach.

This surf poncho is also constructed with plenty of extra room for a comfortable change on the beach or by the car. It also has a fixed hood to help you dry your hair and keep extra warm. The Rip Curl Poncho retails for $51.99.