Wetsuit Hangers and Dryer Reviews

Blawesome Wetsuit Dryer Review

Rock solid, portable and silent, Blawesome is a state of the art dryer, able to dry your winter Wetsuit within an hour and a Drysuit in a record time. We are watersports lovers and engineered it for ourselves. Hundreds of backers around the world made it possible through Kickstarter. Now everyone can enjoy a dry suit next morning, for the evening dip too.

Wetsuit Pro Dryer from Surflogic

Designed for fast drying Able to dry your wetsuit in 20 minutes Powerful airflow system 6.000 liters of air per minute 3.500 revolutions per minute Intelligent heat control Automated, controlled and heat balanced with powerful air to dry fast Protecting your wetsuit Easy to transport and store Can be stored to a compact size when not in use Multiple hanging options Adjustable and strong strap Aluminum carabiner with foam cover protector

Underwater Kinetics Exposure Suit Hanger 5.0

UK Exposure Suit Hanger 5.0 The Exposure Suit Hanger is built to optimally dry and store the heaviest gear. Its 5 inch shoulder width and heavy duty stainless steel hook will support over 100 pounds of outerwear. Its designed to hold open suits, vests and gear for improved air circulation while drying. Its durable, broad shoulder also prevents creases and damage to foam suit material and seams.

Hangair Wetsuit Hanger Drying System

Do you dread slipping into a cold, wet, smelly wetsuit or dry suit especially on a frigid early-morning dive? Well, you're not alone. The Hangair Wetsuit/Dry Suit Dryer is designed specifically to eliminate wet-suit dread. Start dry and warm every dive. Hangair is used by recreational divers and dive professionals around the world. The problem of cold, wet, smelly wetsuits is universal, but the solution is Hangair. Hangair uses a high-powered fan pushing 120 cubic feet (3.4 cubic meters) of air per minute through your wetsuit or dry suit. Your suit will be dry in hours, not days - that's the ticket!